Mandated Services Reimbursement

YCS CONSULTING, under the skilled guidance of Rabbi Nissan Gewirtzman, is the premiere expert team that prepares and submits your school’s MANDATED SERVICES REIMBURSEMENT claim. With efficiency, accuracy, compliancy and detailed review of your claim, our team maximizes your return.

The guidance and knowledge that we present are indicative of the 30+ years of experience that we have in MSA SUBMISSIONS. Our audit-ready, accurate submissions, have ensured that clients just like you are receiving their maximum reimbursement.


  • • is proficient in all aspects of the MSA, CAP and MST programs
  • • ensures accuracy and compliance with all mandates
  • • works closely with the NYS Education Department Management
  • • prepares each claim to be audit-ready
  • • responds to all State Audits on your behalf, providing accurate, detailed information ensuring no delay in your approval process/payment
  • • also does amendments of previous MSA claims and retroactive reimbursement for new clients
  • • specializes in maximizing reimbursement for independent schools, with many of our clients achieving a dramatic increase in their reimbursement

Rabbi Nissan Gewirtzman

Rabbi Nissan Gewirtzman is a mandated services specialist for 30+ years. Nissan is a longtime member of the NYS Education Department Mandated Services Work Group, working closely with the state from the initial stage of formulating the application forms and guidelines through the completion process. In fact, at a recent Mandated Services Workshop, the State Education Department director introduced Nissan as “the Mandated Services Guru”. He has trained his team in the intricacies and nuances of the program and he personally reviews every claim. To date, all audit responses prepared by Nissan and his NBG team, have superbly met the State’s reviews and ensured prompt approval and timely payment for their clients.

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